Every experienced fisherman will tell you that successful fishing depends on many factors: the season, the weather, the bait, the tackle and even the phase of the moon. The impact of the moon on the Earth is huge, but we often forget about it. And it is worth noting that the inflow and outflow of direct images affect the bite of not only marine fish but also freshwater. So I decided to make a fish calendar for you this month.

How is it compiled lunar fishing calendar june 2022

In the article you will learn: how the fish bite depends on the phase of the moon, we will consider fishing calendar for June and analyze in detail the favorable days for fishing.

We have all been accustomed to seeing the moon in the sky since childhood. Every time we raise our heads to the sky at night, we come out of different phases of the moon: the new, the rising, the full, the waning.

And if you pay attention to a certain phase of the month, your fisherman can be successful if you know a few secrets and just using ours fishing calendar, for example:

  • The fisherman will be successful during the new or the rising moon;
  • During the full and the waning moon – these are not favorable days for fishing;
  • One day before full moon and one after – it is better not to go fishing, during this period the fish is not very active.

Our ancestors often behaved this way often, just looking at the night sky could determine the weather and how successful the fishing would be on a given day. Too bad they didn’t have our fishing almanac.

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The lunar calendar shows the 4 phases in the night sky:

  • New.
  • The rising is a crescent at the right.
  • Full.
  • The waning is a crescent at the left.

Depending on the phase, you should go fishing. This is what we will try to display in our fishing calendar.

June – symbolizes the first month of summer, warmth and even heat. Not infrequently, the moon can be rainy and colder, but still the water has warmed up, which means that the fish are becoming more active.

But you should also be familiar with the fishing regulations for your state, province or region, as there may be different restrictions and prohibitions.

The best fishing times for june 2022.

The best fishing days in june:

  • from 3 to 9
  • from 21 to 24

Good fishing days in june:

  • 2, from 10 to 12
  • from 18 to 20
  • 25 and 26

Bad days for biting in June:

  • 14, 29
Fishing calendar for June 2022 - Crazy Nibble
Fishing calendar for June 2022 – Crazy Nibble


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