Hi my name is James B. Parker

My name is JB Parker and this is my blog. Glad to see everyone here. I’d love to share with you useful information about fishing, choosing gear, and finding places with crazy cool nibble. At one time I spent many hours looking for really useful tips on the internet and realized that there are damn few of them. Finally decided to make my own website to share my experiences. And if at least one of you will help my article in practice, it means my goal is achieved.

Almost my entire childhood was spent in Lake Michigan’s Sturgeon Bay, so I know all about American Palia) It’s the world’s tastiest fish. I’ve toured all the iconic lakes in the state – Long Lake, Lake St. Clair, Bear Lake, Baseline Lake. Very often I go to neighboring Indiana for Bass. Less often I go catfishing in Missouri. Everywhere I use different fishing techniques, which I will tell you in in me articles and fishing tips.

I occasionally get out to Mesquite, Texas to fly fish at the Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival – https://txflyfishingfestival.org/. And for ice fishing, I go to the BRAINERD JAYCEES http://icefishing.org/ in Minnesota. It’s nice to feel the competitive spirit and socialize with fellow anglers.

I welcome every visitor to my blog and invite dialogue in the comments. Let’s be friends and welcome!