Luck is the main companion of the angler. But season and time are important too. Everyone wants to know the best fishing times July 2022 or best fishing days July 2022. I studied plentiful fishing statistics, and decided to present a fishing calendar July 2022, or as they like to call it a fishing almanac.

Fishing almanac is 50% of successful fishing! Try our fishing calendar July 2022!

So what did I need to create a fishing calendar for July 2022. Studying the phases of the moon that will occur this month.

July is the middle of summer, one of the hottest months. The fish’s bite noticeably weakens, when it is very hot, so in the morning and in the evening, when the heat of the day subsides is the best fishing times.

When is the best time fly fishing in July?

Biting during this period is sluggish and intensifies only in cloudy weather or after rain, when they begin to take the bass, sometimes a small pike. It is the best time fly fishing to catch pike perch for cuttings at dusk on the shoals, where he goes to hunt for fry. The asp continues to be caught by spinning on the border of quiet shallow water. Bream and catfish are perfectly caught at night.

In the last decade of the month begins to actively bite – carp, tench, bass, pike.

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Time for best deep sea fishing in July.

The best time for medium and large fish is July. There are many big targets in deep fishing, including yellowfin tuna. The culmination season for tuna in the Gulf of Mexico is July.

There is a lot of controversy regarding the timing of deep fishing. At noon the water is more heated the fish are deeper. And someone says that the fish prefer the morning or evening sun.

Calendar for July 2022.

The best days for biting in July:

  • from 3 to 8
  • from 20 to 23

Good days for biting in July:

  • 2, from 9 to 11
  • from 17 to 19
  • 24, 25 and 31

Bad days for biting in July:

  • 1, from 12 to 16
  • from 26 to 30
Fishing calendar for July 2022 - Crazy Nibble
Fishing calendar for July 2022 – Crazy Nibble

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