Continuing the series of articles from my fishing almanac, we have come to the fishing calendar for August 2022.

This month marks the end of the summer season. During the day, the temperature still reminds us that it is still summer and makes us sweat. But the nights already make us remember what autumn is and get warm clothes from the wardrobe.

In order to choose the best fishing days in August 2022, a table and a fishing calendar for August 2022 were compiled.

Predators peck well this August – bass, pike, asp, catfish. It is great to catch huge fish before dayspring, and the first hour after dawn, until the day becomes hot. And it is nice to fish in the evening, before sunset.

What months are best for trout fishing?

For example, trout is caught perfectly from the first to the last month of the year. But you will get the coolest impressions and big catches in August. This is isolated by the fact that a large number of insects appear in the water, which is helped by well-heated water. Conclusion: the best trout fishing in August.

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For the best deep sea fishing, the month of August is suitable for a large number of reasons. In the northern hemisphere, by the month of August, the water warms up to the maximum, which makes our catch go deeper, increasing the chance of successful deep sea fishing. My fishing calendar is universal for all types of fishing.

Calendar for August 2022.

The best fishing days for biting in August:

  • from 1 to 7
  • from 19 to 22 and 31

Good fishing days for biting in August:

  • from 8 to 10
  • from 16 to 18 and 26, 27

Bad fishing days for biting in August:

  • from 11 to 15
  • from 25 to 29
Fishing calendar for August 2022 - Crazy Nibble
Fishing calendar for August 2022 – Crazy Nibble


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