How is the catch anglers? Glad to welcome you to the crazy nibble.

Today I will try to answer such questions. What is an almanac? How do I create a fishing almanac? How useful is a fishing almanac? Yes, and I almost forgot. What are the best fishing days?

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What is an almanac?

Almanac – an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables.

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From this definition, we can add up our understanding that the almanac is the processing of a large amount of different information, different sources and data. Let’s take a look in a little more detail.

Astronomical data

Astronomical data is a collection of information about celestial bodies, their movements, and how they affect fishing and bites. The most important is the collection of data about the moon.

Tide tables

After processing the data on the moon, we can understand what days and at what time the tides will be high and low. Having processed these data, we build a table of ebbs and flows.

Statistical data

To this type of data, I refer the statistics of the correspondence between the success of the coincidence of the lunar calendar and the reviews of the catches.

And already on the basis of these three main points, I form my fishing calendar, which they also like to call the fishing almanac.

Now I will tell you what types of fishing calendars I highlight and how they help you choose the best time and best days for fishing.

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I distinguish three types of fishing calendars:

  1. Annual fishing calendar (fishing almanac)
  2. Seasonal (spring fishing, summer, autumn and winter)
  3. Monthly fishing calendar.

The annual fishing almanac is less accurate only because I can not take into account exactly the weather conditions for the whole year in advance. It is mostly advisory. This almanac allows you to simply estimate the possible seasonality and build approximate vacation plans.

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In the seasonal calendar, I try to take into account the possible spawning, and weather forecasts and statistics of our fellow anglers.

But the monthly calendar is my pride. I certainly understand that it, too, may not be accurate enough. But I try to make the most of all the data about the weather, about the behavior of fish, about the lunar phases. The opinion of the fishermen plays a very important role in this. It allows you to choose the best times and best days. You can plan your leisure and vacation more clearly. It allows you to select the best days in this month.

I break fishing days into four types:

  1. Great bite. These are the best days for fishing this month.
  2. Good bite. These days should please you with the usual catch.
  3. Weak bite. Everything is so clear here. Don’t waste your time dude.
  4. No nibble. Stay at home and choose a new fishing line, rod, bait, or maybe even a boat.

I want to warn you right now! My fishing calendars and fishing almanac are advisory in nature. Sometimes they do not work, but most often they will bring you a very good mood and a huge catch. Of course, if you do not have a baited place or you fish in a pond where you can catch it with your hands, then you do not need it.


My fishing almanac and my fishing calendars are what you need. They will allow you to choose the best time and best days for fishing.

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