Struggling to catch a fish? When it comes to catching a fish, choosing the right lure is the major focus. Lures make fishing an exciting and comfortable activity, until the fish starts avoiding them like a plague. According to research, Fish are smart enough to retain memory for months. They may identify the bait, which allows them to outwit human trickery. However, this issue can be resolved by making a variety of lures. A plenitude of Fish can be caught with an ideal fishing lure. The best fishing lure is made at home.

Fishing Lures

What Is A Fishing Lure?

As the name implies, fishing lure is an artificial bait that is specifically designed to capture fish by luring them.

Why Lures?

In contrast to live baits, artificial lures give more promising results. Below are listed some reasons:

  • Attractive;
  • Fun to make;
  • Mess-free;
  • Harmless;
  • Reusable;
  • Lasts longer;
  • Time-saving.

Do-It-Yourself(Surface, Sinking, Floating Lures)

Worried how to make a fishing lure? Fortunately, with some market stuff and sharp dexterity, you can make your own perfect, and irresistibly tempting lure that a fish can’t help but fall for.

Before you get started, get hold of the material and tools listed below:

  • Epoxy Gel Coat;
  • Paint;
  • Ornaments( googly eyes, beads, galaxy flakes);
  • Hooks;
  • Split rings;
  • Glue gun;
  • Molds;
  • Release Agent;
  • Wire inserts;
  • Plastisol.

Slow Sinking (Epoxy Crankbaits). Apply a release agent to the fish molds and pour in epoxy with galaxy flakes. Leave it to dry overnight. Fuse in both parts, after putting a long wire between them. Attach treble hooks and googly eyes. When dropped into water it jerks like a dying fish, hence enticing the real fish!

Floating (Soft Plastic Trouts). Add silver colour to the plastisol and microwave it for a few seconds. Pour the mixture into metallic molds moulds and let it set for a couple of minutes. Attach hooks and drop into the water. Soft plastic gives buoyancy to the lure, making it float atop water like small fish and worms. A tricky bait to entrap fish!

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Make Yourself One At Home

Out of money? No worries. Without any trouble purchasing things from outside, you can easily make handmade an inexpensive lure at home with the stuff available in your own kitchen and washroom. Easy peasy, and worth the effort!

Let’s Get Started!

  • Spoon Lure (Spinning Lure). Shear the spoon hard or soft plastic into two parts namely, head and the handle. Drill holes on the opposite ends of both parts. Slip a split ring in one hole and attach a hook to hole on the opposite end. Paint the spoon and handle with varnish, or polish them with bright nail paint. Tie a fancy bow on the split ring to make it look more appeasing.
  • Surface Jigs. Another time-saving and effortless option is to make a jig. You can use brightly coloured old cloth, a straw, a rope also can be rubber, a reel or a feather for this purpose. Follow a simple procedure; Cut your material into strips, and tie them together to the hook. Drop the jig into water and jiggle.
  • Toothbrush lure. Now this one is really cool. All you need is an old toothbrush plastic or wooden, we all have one in our washroom. Separate the holder part from the brush part. Heat up the hooks and insert them into the plastic ends of the holder.

Fishing Lures-3

Benefits of home-made lures

Dodge and trap. The new home-made lure would be unidentifiable for the fish. Inevitably, fish tempted by the vibrant colours would make for it in no time.

Cheap and Cheerful. These home-made lures go easy on pockets rig on rod and making them is a cheerful activity. You can be as creative as you want to, and can have fun with the colours, different shapes and sizes.

Create and Trade. There is a huge demand for lures in the fish market. The best part about making your own lures is that you can earn money by trading them.

Fishing Lures-2


Although, hand-made lure requires time and expertise still it has eased one’s way into fishing. With vibrant colours, and a variety of shapes, it is likely to catch more fish. What else can one ask for!

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