The Kevlar line is a heavy duty fishing line that is made by braiding different threads of the Kevlar to make a solid part of a fishing line together.

All lines of Kevlar fishing line are braided as all lined line material. The Kevlar fishing line is always braided in nature and in the mainstream. While marketing starts to get into the mainstream of experienced anglers, it gets less attention from experienced anglers. But in order to continue the dedicated base, it comes to everyone’s attention.

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  • Unlike nylon or polyesters, Kevlar does not melt at 800 ~ 900 ° F / 427 ~ 482 ° C. It rots at high temperatures.
  • You probably walk down the aisles of the tackle store to choose to fish line. There may be multiple colored braided elements here, like: Fluorocarbon, Pink Fluorocarbon, Monofilament, Yellow, Red, Clear, Green.
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) = the longevity of the cord and safe uses 20% of Tensile Strength.

Types of Kevlar fishing line

There are different types of fishing lines, monofilament, and bread being the most popular fishing lines. The main components of monofilaments are uninterrupted long fibers and nylon. The main component of braided is ultra-strong, very thin fibers. Here are some kinds of Kevlar fishing line:



It is expected that not exposure to high heat or humidity will actually reduce its efficiency. It is suspected that monofilaments and fluorocarbons are easily depleted due to their weakening in water.

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Comparison of kevlar-based fishing line with other types

Types of line  Monofilament Strength Chart Braided Strength Chart Fluorocarbon Strength Chart
Diameter  0,27 0,2 0,28
Line Test Lb  10 10 10
Diameter  0,4 0,23 0,5
Line Test Lb  20 20 30
Diameter  0,5 0,28 0,5
Line Test Lb  30 30 30
Diameter  1 0,55 1,02
Line Test Lb  100 100 100

* – fishing line strength chart

How to choose

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The size of the fish, the type of water, and the types of species should be considered to choose the best quality fishing line. Then you have to keep an eye on its stretch, abrasion resistance, diameter, visibility, and durability.

There are many types of lines available now. Stretch, abrasion resistance, diameter, visibility, and durability should be considered carefully to pick them up.

Kevlar’s advantages

  • Kevlar braid has a higher tensile strength than other types of fishing lines, making it more resistant to breaking under pressure.
  • It is not only stronger than other types of fishing lines but also has better abrasion resistance.
  • This type of fishing line can be used for all kinds of fishing, including salt water and fresh water.

Kevlar’s disadvantages

  • The downside to the kevlar braide fishing line is that it has less elasticity than other types of fishing lines, which means that it can break more easily if there are sudden sharp movements.

Top 5 manufacturers

Phishing line pickers are a little important part of better results. And the good fishing line is available from good manufacturers in USA. Here is a list of 5 Kevlar line manufacturers:

TwinLine LLC

They are widely known nationally and internationally as manufacturers of Cavalry and Technora, Vectrana, Para-Armid Fiber, Liquid Crystal Polymer, and Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polythene.

Aero Assemblies, Inc.: They are famous for providing all kinds of Kevlar lines you need. They also supply nylon, manila, polypropylene, and polyester ropes.

All Line, Inc.

Has provided kevlar fishing line since 1978. A well-known manufacturing company.

Para-Aramid cords

Kevlar fishing line provides very good technology or natural colors. All of their manufactured kevlar lines are 932F temperature tolerant and low stretch.

Atkins & Pearce, Inc.

Atkins & Pearce is a top manufacturer of fishing line. They have been meeting the needs of the customers for over 200 years.

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This post is an instructive post; here I have learned various things including the type, features, and lifetime of Kevlar’s fishing line. I also learned about 5 manufacturers.

Kevlar is mainly used because it is light and easy to integrate. Sprinkle the fibers in the carbon compound to increase strength and reduce weight. Grades 49 and 149 are the lightest and strongest.

The bottom line is that Kevlar reduces aging.

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Paul · July 3, 2022 at 2:37 pm

What’s the best way to tie a Kevlar fishing line if it breaks on a fishing trip?)) I had a bad experience. I couldn’t get it repaired on the spot, because the line is very stiff.

    James Parker · July 3, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    The first piece should be about 10-12 inches long, and the second piece should be about 8-10 inches. You just have to take a long piece of fishing line and fold it in half. Then wrap the fishing line around your finger and make a loop at the end. Then pull the loop out and place it on top of the other half of the fishing line. Remove your finger and slip it through both loops. But it’s still best to have a spare set with you so you don’t have to deal with nonsense) It’s only a temporary solution.

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