Greetings hunters of the underwater world. Today we will talk about the maintenance of the tool with which you hunt.

Imagine that you are standing on the shore and then you realize that this is the fish of your dreams. You pull it out. She resists very strongly and you need both hands. And suddenly your fishing rod falls out and falls into the sand, which completely stains your fishing rod. Having taken the catch from the hook, you proudly raise the rod to cast it again and realize that the reel is sticking. Fine sand got inside and you feel how it will hold together inside. I’ll reassure you, it’s not a problem. And now I will tell you How to get sand out of fishing reel.

fishing reel - Crazy Nibble

To remove the squeak from the fishing reel, there are two tricky ways.

The first way is the easiest. Suitable for every angler. You can simply take it to a service where you will get the sand from your fishing reel. It is not very expensive, and you do not have to bother with studying the structure of the coil and getting your hands dirty.

The second is for anglers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and spend a little of their time getting the sand out of the reel. The best way to clean sand out of reels is to take it apart and clean it yourself.

The shape of fishing reels is very diverse. And they are all different from each other. But they all have a common element into which sand gets into and no longer allows it to be used correctly. This element is called the axis on which there is a bearing and on which the fishing reel itself is put on.

Global steps that we must take to get sand out of the coil:

  • Remove the line from the reel;
  • Disassemble the fishing reel;
  • We take a grease remover and clean the bearing, axle and coil from old grease. Also, if operation was carried out in salt water, we rinse with fresh water to remove salt. We dry;
  • Now, depending on the type, we select the lubricant and lubricate all the rubbing parts;
  • We assemble the fishing reel in reverse order.

If you do everything right, it will work great again. These five simple steps will help you get the sand out of your reel.


To clean the sand out of your fishing or spinning reel, you will need a minimum of tools and skills. This process is very easy and fun.

I hope my little guide on retrieving sand from a fishing reel will help you. And you can get the crazy nibble and the biggest catch.

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