Hello my brave anglers! The topic of my tricks today will be about cleaning the cork handle on your rod.

We all know how fishing goes. You take the bait, getting your hands dirty on it. With the same hands you take your rod. When catching, you grab the fish with your own hands and, on emotions, again grab the fishing rod with the same dirty hands. Which causes your rod cap to become dull over time. Takes on a foul odor. And it becomes unpleasant to the touch.
And a question pops up in front of your eyes. how to clean cork handles on fishing rods?
Well, let’s get started.

cork handles on fishing rods

Preparing to clean the cork handles of the fishing rod

There are three cleaning options that I know of. They are divided into three stages. The first and third stages are the same. But the second stage is where the magic happens.

The first stage is preparation. You should take a clean rag and regular dish detergent or hand soap. At this stage, we clean the cork handle of the rod from the lightest dirt. It’s grease and dirt. What are we doing? We wet our cloth with water, then apply a cleaner or just lather it. And very carefully we begin to wipe the cork handle of the fishing rod. The first effect you should notice almost immediately. After you realize that nothing else is improving, we move on to the second stage.

The second stage is the most important. I will write three options that you can apply. Be careful. All of them have a slightly different effect and result.

  • Option number one. This is alcohol. This is the easiest and most convenient option. It is suitable for very light soiling, as it allows you to remove residual grease that the detergent could not dissolve.

result of cleaning cork handle on fishing rod
  • The second option is mechanical. For this, we need a nano-sponge, also known as foamed melamine or melamine sponge. Most people know as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. We take a drop of detergent, moisten the sponge and just start rubbing. This will help restore color and remove a lot of dirt.
clean cork handles on fishing rods

  • The third is the chemical option. You will need hydrogen peroxide.
Attention!! This is a very dangerous chemical!! Be sure to read the user manual!
  • All you need is a rag or paper towels. Wet and then wrap the cork handle of the rod and leave for a short time. Be sure to check periodically, as it behaves differently on different surfaces depending on the contamination.

Well, the third stage is protection from further pollution.
To do this, we need to take two steps. The first is to dry the cork handle of the rod. The second is to take a special tool which is also called cork sealant. Its price is in the region of 6 dollars. Commercial name U-40. Just apply it on the handle, let it soak in and wipe off the excess. This will help seal the cork from new contaminants.


We have reviewed with you three harms for cleaning the cork handle of a fishing rod. In general, the cost of buying them will cost you around 10 to 20 dollars. But!! The main thing is that this will be enough for you for more than one fishing rod. Of course, you can just buy cheap fishing rods. But what if this is your favorite fishing rod? Of course read my advice.

Quick & Easy Way To Clean Cork Handles On Your Fishing Rod
Quick Tip: Cleaning The Cork Handle on Your Fishing Rods
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