Well, well, well. And who decided to fish in bad weather? Yeah. These are my anglers. Glad to welcome you back to my blog. Today I will try to explain to you whether fishing after a storm is a good idea. What are the benefits of fishing after a storm? And how the storm affects fishing.

We know that the storm is very dangerous and is on the shore or in the water can harm us. But as an angler, the storm does us a great favor. Firstly, due to changes in atmospheric pressure, the activity behavior of fish is greatly increased. She chases bait more actively, which makes fishing after a storm a good one. Secondly, restless water brings up many useful and nutritious things from the bottom.

But if you look deeper into the issue, you can find out interesting facts about which I will tell you.

fishing storm - Crazy Nibble

What about atmospheric pressure?

Its states are of two types:

  • Reduced atmospheric pressure.
  • Increased atmospheric pressure.

Each of them can affect both positively and negatively on rush fishing after the storm. And you need to understand how to use it. We will consider two types of fishing using a float or bottom fishing.

In the first case, the fish becomes more active and hangs out in the middle and upper parts of the reservoir. This will suit us for fishing with a float. I won’t match you with the bait, because for different fish it has its own and you yourself will pick it up. But I would not recommend using the bottom style of fishing.

In the second case, with increased, on the contrary, I would recommend the bottom style of fishing. At this time, the fish become more lazy. It sinks closer to the bottom or to the very bottom. Here is just all the bottom fish for your attention. Therefore, it seems to me that fishing after a storm is good in most cases.

A couple of tips from Crazy Nibble.

Digital barometer.

Allows you to determine your own pressure. The advanced ones also have the measurement of air temperature, wind speed, humidity and much more.

Weather forecast.

Follow the forecasters. Everything changes very quickly. And wasted time is expensive.

Live bait.

This is what predators love the most. This is almost half the battle.

Bright bait.

Since the storm has just ended, the water can be very cloudy. A bright bait is more noticeable to fish in muddy waters.


Proper preparation for fishing after a storm is the key to your success. I tried to convey that when you take into account all the factors, then hunting for fish will bring you not only dinner, but also a lot of emotions. I hope that your fishing after the storm will be good and successful.

How Weather Influences Fish Behavior and Location
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